Mass Intentions

We are now taking Mass Intention requests for 2018. Please know there are many dates available during the week. Contact the office at 225-355-2553 or at Requested donation is $10.

“One must never forget the infinite graces that flow from the Sacrifice of the Mass which benefit one’s soul.” —Pope Leo XIII

Our Lady of Guadalupe

The feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe commemorates the 4 apparitions of Mary in 1531 to the peasant Juan Diego on Tepeyac hill near Mexico City. Appearing like a Mexican princess, Mary told him that a church should be built there. When Juan told the bishop, he demanded proof. Mary sent Juan to gather some roses (unusual in December) to present to the bishop. When Juan opened his cloak to give the roses to the bishop, they also discovered a painted image the Blessed Virgin imprinted on the cloak, which is now preserved in the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City. Under this title, Mary was declared patron of New Spain (1710), of Latin America (1910), queen of Mexico and Empress of the Americas (1945) and patroness of the Americas (1999).
Pope Francis reminds us that “like Jesus, Mary is close to all her sons and daughters; as a concerned mother, she accompanies them on their way through life. She shares all the joys and hopes, and sorrows of God’s people, which is made up of men and women of every race and nation.”
“O Gracious and Loving Mary, Lady of Guadalupe, through your presence make us aware of our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son. May Christ send us blessings of peace and harmony, and may we receive love and the healing we need to get closer to him.” —Pope St. John XXIII (October 12, 1961)

Christmas Remembrance Flowers

If you would like to donate flowers in memory of a loved one, please pick up an envelope in the back of the church marked “Christmas Flowers”. Write your name on the envelope and write for whom the flowers are in memory of. The cost of the flowers is $8 each. The deadline is Wednesday, December 17th.

Daily Advent Offering Cards

Advent is such an entry way; occurring right after the season of harvest and Thanksgiving. It marks the beginning of a new “Christian Year.” The past year may have brought us both joy and sorrow, success and failure. We end it giving thanks for the strength that carried us through. We are grateful for what we have learned and for what we still have as the year comes to a close. We invite everyone, adults and children, to participate in “My Advent Offering” folder, which is in the back of church. Take it home with you and return on Christmas Day and offer it to the Lord, along with the gift of your heart.