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Mother’s Day Cards

The Mother’s Day Mass cards are in the back of the church. Please print the name of the mother being honored on the envelopes, place your donation inside, and put in the collection basket. Keep the card and smaller envelope to send to the person for whom the Mass is being celebrated. Please return the large envelope so the names for the mass intentions may be kept on the altar during the month of May.


Chrism Mass 2018

One of the significant times the bishop gathers with his priests, deacons, and diocese is at the Chrism Mass. This yearly gathering of the church provides an opportunity for the diocesan community to focus on the Word and the Eucharist, while at the same blessing the oils, which are used in parish ministries throughout the year. The Chrism mass will be held at St. Joseph Cathedral at 10:30 am on Wednesday March 28, 2018. The diocese invites all parishioners to the Chrism Mass.

Operation Rice Bowl

Through CRS Rice Bowl, we hear stories from our brothers and sisters in need worldwide, and devote our Lenten prayers, fasting and gifts to change the lives of the poor. Each day of Lent, individuals are invited to use the Lenten Calendar—included with every CRS Rice Bowl—to guide their Lenten almsgiving. These daily almsgiving activities—for example, give 25 cents for every faucet found in your home—help families reflect on the realities of our brothers and sisters around the world and how they can be in solidarity during the Lenten season.
You can find rice bowls at the entrances of the church. Please take them home and return your donation by April 1st.

Parish Lenten Mission

Father John Schmidt, C.Ss.R., will be leading us in a prayer mission on March 5, 6, & 7 at 6:30 pm at St. Gerard Majella Church.

His topic: “Christ renewing us in his love. Baptism is our link to Christ and Lent is the opportunity to be renewed by Christ. Lent offers us practices of Prayer, Fasting, Charity to refocus us.  Penitential practices are not for their own sake, but always to deeper our Christian life.  As part of Christ’s body we realize the sin breaks our relationship with God and with others.  Lent is a time to face the sin, remind ourselves of God’s mercy and rely on God’s grace to bring us to new life.

Scripture that will guide us:

  • Love of God and neighbor  (Matthew 5: 43-48)
  • Many part of Christ’s body (I Cor 12: 12-26)
  • God’s love for us and Jesus’ purpose (John 3: 16-18)

The final night is a mediation on Mary, our Perpetual Help.  The first disciple of Jesus and a model for all believers.   (Scripture:  John 19: 25-27)”