Memorial Ads

LPi — Liturgical Publications — has some space available in our parish bulletin. These ads are not just for business, but may also be purchased by individuals. They are considered memorial or honorary ads for you, your family, and/or your friends. When an individual purchases such ad space, he is given the option to change the text of the ad four (4) times per year. If you are interested in discussing this option with the St. Gerard Majella account manager, please contact Debra Mayeux at 225 400-4106  or by emailing


Mother’s Day Cards

The Mother’s Day Mass cards are in the back of the church. Please print the name of the mother being honored on the envelopes, place your donation inside, and put in the collection basket. Keep the card and smaller envelope to send to the person for whom the Mass is being celebrated. Please return the large envelope so the names for the mass intentions may be kept on the altar during the month of May.