Reopening church at St. Gerard’s

St. Gerard’s will start our first Mass on Monday May 18 in the main church.

My dear parishioners and friends in Christ:
I would to share with you what we had discussed and decided at St. Gerard Majella parish’s conference call meeting today:
– We will start reopening the church for masses on next Monday May 18 at 9am.
*** Mass schedule will be the same (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday at 9am; and Tuesday at 12 Noon)
*** The only difference is ALL MASSES will be in the main church (no more in Majella chapel because of social distancing)
***Weekend Masses will be the same (Saturday @ 4pm; Sunday @ 8am, 10am).
**** Make sure wear your Mask and bring sanitizer (if you have) and stay 6 feet apart when you are in church.
***We will make sure you are safe during Mass.
*** Priest and Eucharistic ministers and parishioners will wear mask during communion time.

💗 The Sunday mass obligation continues to be dispensed for all Catholics indefinitely.

**❤️ 💕 important note: If you can’t go to Sunday Mass, weekday Mass can count for Sunday Mass. And if your health is compromised in anyway, please stay home.

+++ Thank you for your patience and perseverance. May God bless you always. I can’t wait to celebrate Mass with you.


Fr. Tat

Ps: Please share this information with your family and friends. If you have any questions please contact office at 225-355-2553 or Fr. Tat (312-723-9558) for more information.