26th Sunday of Ordinary Time


“We shall not cease from exploration. And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” These words of T.S. Eliot speak to my experience whenever I arrive to minister in a new place. I have been in Baton Rouge a little less than 3 weeks at this writing, but already have family and friends asking what it’s like here. I usually just tell them that I don’t know because I’m in process of figuring it out.

For me a ministry location isn’t so much defined by the place as much as by the people. And so it takes time for me to come to know all of you and you to get to know me. It is in relationship with one another, and together in relationship with the Lord, that we come to truly know how to answer the question. So let me briefly introduce myself: I am Fr. Steve Nyl, a Redemptorist for 22 years and ordained a priest for 18 years. I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and grew up on a dairy farm. Following high school I worked in a factory for four years before furthering my education. Then I taught middle and high school for 12 years. Thinking I had set the course for my life, God stepped in one day out of the blue and changed everything. Following his call (eventually), I entered formation with the Redemptorists. have served in Denver, Colorado, Whittier, California (outside of Los Angeles) and Minneapolis, Minnesota. Now I am here in Baton Rouge. Thanks to those I have met who have made me feel so welcome. And I look forward to meeting you all in the upcoming days.