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16th Sunday of Ordinary Time: A Cup of Inspiration with Fr. Tat

“He who does justice will live in the presence of the Lord” (Psalm 15).

 We thank God for our Governor, Mayors and all First Responders for working so tirelessly last week to make sure all citizens and families protected from the tropical storm Barry.

This Sunday is a special Sunday for St. Gerard’s community. We have a blessed opportunity to celebrate the “Blue Mass” to care, share and pray together for the First Responders, living and diseased, in our community, city, state and country. These First Responders are our police officers, firefighters, EMS, military men and women, coast guards, security officers, chaplains of hospitals, doctors and nurses. They are secretly and tirelessly working for the sake of the common good of all citizens and families. My first and last words for them are: “THANK YOU.”

“He who does justice will live in the presence of the Lord.” This phrase is from the Responsorial Psalm today. The First Responders are the ones who are called and sent to do justice in our society today. They represent justice. They keep us safe. How many times we believe that they live in the presence of God and God is with them always?

We live in the world in which people live so much in fear, suspicion and doubt. We do not easily trust one another. We constantly run fact check to find “the truth”. Unfortunately, we are cautious for everything. If we live justly, we should not be so worried.

Justice of God is not only about right from wrong, but also about hospitality, compassion, wisdom, common sense and trust. Abraham and his wife Sarah, in the first reading today, invited three strange men to rest and eat at their home because they saw them in need. In contrary, these three men blessed them back with the abundant grace of God to have the firstborn baby after a long time yearning.

The ultimate justice is: We all need God’s grace, blessing and even forgiveness in our lives.

May we all live and do justice. May the presence of God be with each one of us. May God bless our First Responders and our families with abundant peace, protection and love.

– Fr. Tat

15th Sunday of Ordinary Time: A Cup of Inspiration with Fr. Tat:

Who was neighbor to the robbers’ victim? – “The one who treated him with mercy.” (Luke 10:25-37)

Dear friends of Christ,

This is my first official message as a new pastor of St. Gerard’s parish. First, I want to sincerely thank our previous pastors, Redemptorists and all parishioners of this parish, especially the former pastor, Fr. Chuong Cao, C.Ss.R., for serving this parish so faithfully and generously. I am so blessed and lucky to be able to follow the service and hospitality of all of you.

Secondly, I am here to serve all of you in the pastoral and sacramental need. Many people have congratulated me and prayed for me as I assume this ministry. I have to confess with you that I will work all my best, God will take care the rest. With God, everything is possible.

Thirdly, I am so privileged to meet with so many of you. We exchanged names, smiles and hopes. Some of you whispered in my ears, “Fr. Tat, we are behind you. Let us know what you need. We are here for you.” I am so grateful for you. We need one another to build the kingdom of love and unity. We do not work for each other, but we work with one another. I will work with you.

Jesus invites us to “treat others with mercy.” I was broken and abandoned before. God sent many “good Samaritans” to pick me up and heal me. I am still here because of so many good and generous people. Let us be merciful and welcoming towards others in our society and community today. 

I have hope. And our hope is here and now.