Reflection of First Sunday of Lent

First Sunday of Lent: 2-21-21

Repent and Believe: Truth and Love

    Who are you? What is your purpose in life? These are two most important questions that we ask everyday. 

    Today, God asks us to ask these two questions more seriously. In order to repent, you need to know and remember what you are doing and to whom you did wrong. If we did wrong to someone we need to have the courage to say “I am sorry!” Asking for forgiveness is one of the most beautiful things to say and do. As a human we make mistakes. 

    Repent also means to change of mind. To say sorry is good but we need to change our bad and wrong lifestyle. Being honest and humble to accept our mistakes and become a better person is what God wants us to do for Lent. 

    Repent is not enough. We need to “believe in the gospel” as well. The gospel is the good news, which is Jesus himself. He is “the Way, the Truth and theLife.” The Psalmist says, “Your ways, O Lord, are love and truth to those who keep your covenant.” The way of God will form us to be “truth and love.”

   Question: Who does not want to have/be truth and love? … Do you want to live in truth and love?