IS 48:17-19; MT 11:16-19

“If you would hearken to my commandment, your prosperity would be like a river.”

 In the Gospel today, Jesus compares us with playful and distracted children who never pay attention to the very moment of presence. If we listen to God just for a minute, our lives will be much better.

 We live in the digital technology age. Video games, online movies, social media, constant news, messages, and notifications are playing 24/7. It never stops. We do several things at the same time. We are here but our minds fly across the ocean. Our lives are so distracted and playful.

 How can we listen to God’s voice more attentively? The answer is to practice humanity more. Be attentive to our daily activities, like eating, driving, nature, wearing clothes, opening doors, seeing constructors…. and be grateful to all of these. All these things are not accidents but realities of God’s mercy and goodness. The water we drink, the food we eat, the air we breathe, the car we drive, the shoes we wear, are the real sweats of so many people. Be thankful and grateful to those who make them available to us. That is prayer. That is how we listen to God. Be respectful of one another. And be generous towards one another. That is God’s commandments. When you are doing this, you are listening. A listening person is wise and blessed.

 Reflection question: Could you name three people/things that you are deeply grateful for?