Day 22: Fourth Sunday of Advent

IS 7:10-14; ROM 1:1-7; MT 1:18-24


“Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and they shall name him Emmanuel, which means “God is with us.”

The story of how Jesus came about is told today. Of course, everyone remembers and memorizes the whole scene of the story. The archangel Gabriel came and dialogued with Mary. After that Mary was conceived by the Holy Spirit. But Mary has engaged with Joseph already. Joseph was very surprised by the news about Mary’s pregnancy. Joseph intended to divorce her. But the angel told him in his dream that the son Mary will birth, “will save his people from their sins.”

It’s a great story. The Great Emmanuel will be born to Mary by the Holy Spirit.

Emmanuel had to go through the process of becoming human. This is a great mystery of the divine for us to meditate today. Everything needs time. Everything is a part of the whole. We all are connected.

If you are sitting on a chair, sit. If you are driving a car, keep driving. If you are drinking a cup of coffee, drink slowly. If you are visiting your beloved mother, enjoy her presence and present.

Why? Because all these things do not end up at the existence we are experiencing. They all come together from different sources. There are many parts and materials collected and processed to be able to make a chair or a car or a cup of coffee for us to use. It takes a thousand generations to have your beloved mother. So, we need to be careful and appreciative of what we have and who we are. We need to treasure and respect all things and peoples we have.

God is with us, always! Jesus is also nourished and loved by so many people in his life. Mary, Joseph, cousins and disciples were there to support him. Now the spirit of Jesus is in and among us as we love one another.

Reflection question: How do I connect with my Emmanuel today? When do I feel God’s presence the most during my day?