Ask for: Bread and Forgiveness | Be Grateful

Tuesday of the First Sunday of Lent|Feb. 23, 2021

Bread and Forgiveness 

    Bread and forgiveness must be two important elements for Jesus. Jesus asks us to pray brief and to the point. “Do not babble like pagans”. 

    Prayer is important in life. Many of us either feel inadequate or don’t know how to pray. Some of us believe that we are professional pray-ers. We pray very loud. We recite many prayers. We repeat a lot. 

    Bread is not only important but also necessary. Everyone needs to eat. We pray that we have enough food to eat every day. Sometimes we want to secure our storage room or food pantry for the next 10 or 20 years, not daily bread. Because of that we could become so anxious and fearful for the unknown future. Do we trust in God for our future so that we can easily share with others what we have now?

    Forgiveness is not only important but also necessary. We are called to forgive those who directly hurt us and those who make wrong decisions in their lives. When we forgive do not forgive half way or 50% but forgive completely and thoroughly. The best of almsgiving or giving is to for-give. 

    Question: Is it easy for you to forgive someone or some party?

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